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February 9th

April 21st we will be playing at Bantam in Hoogkarspel. The exact time will be posted soon.


March 11th

We are happy to announce our first gig. It will be an accoustic one and take place in April. Check out our poster for details.


November 15th

Today we have released our first official video. Watch All I Want here:



September 21th

We have released our first lyric video. You can find it on Youtube and the videos section of our website. Today we received the masters  for CD and digital distribution.


September 7th

Mixing is finished. Within a few weeks the album will be mastered bij Hay Zeelen.

Last week we have been shooting video's to promote the album.


July 17th

Mixing is in it's final stages now. We are planning to release the album in september. To promote the album we will be shooting some video's.


March 30th

Yesterday we spend the evening in the studio to make some final desicions about the mix. Blame Me and All I Want are in the final stage of the mixing progress. Within three weeks the next few songs will be ready. We hopen to have the album ready in June.


February 12th

Hopefully we have found our drummer. One thing is for sure, he wants to promote this album as much as we do. All there's left is rehearsing together to see if the musical sparkle is there as well.










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